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Config Files

Basic. Where configs go.

More specifically…


A completely cool and technically 'best' terminal. My config just gives some neutral colors (IMO the alacritty default colors are awful) and disables the built-in vi mode which I don't really need as I prefer that at the shell or editor level. Anymore, I'm not using alacritty as much as 'gnome-terminal' is largely sufficient for terminal-ing and even has smooth scrolling (!).


Eventually Luke Smith will use it. I'm sure of this. There's no way he won't. I mean, look at vim's license. It's shilling for a good cause, but still shilling. Emacs already just does everything vi does, even in the same way, and does everything vim is trying to do way better. Neovim is ahead of emacs in some technical aspects and design principles, but is hugely held back by not being able to redefine internal editor functions. Yes, i'm saying that lua was not enough for neovim. Not until you let us stick a hand into the core of the editor and rearrange the bits to do whatever in a trivially transparent way. Because that's what emacs does, and so even with 40 years of infuriating cruft, it can still keep up with nvim while also having potentially infinitely many more features.

That said, hang in there nvim. I'm rooting for you.


Why is this an entry? You are not me…


These files are dumped by 'dconf', the GNOME registry handler. They are literally just INI config files. You can apply them like so:

  dconf load /org/gnome/terminal/ < ~/.config/gnome-custom-configs/terminal.gsets

Or read the current values like so:

  dconf dump /org/gnome/terminal/ > ~/.config/gnome-custom-configs/terminal.gsets

My nvim config has a few lines to automate this process, and I am in the process of writing an Emacs major mode to accomplish the same thing (based on conf-mode of course).


The notification daemon that works on swaywm. I haven't used this in a while, but it may as well stay here. Basically the notifications are themed like my desktop and waybar. Gray, MesloLGS Nerd Font Bold text, graphics labels.


Broken. Every couple months I look at all the web browsers and see if I can keep a configuration deployed between them. The answer is always 'sorta kinda not really but also you totally can heres how' <proceeds to never show how>.

Yes I'm salty about this. Why do you ask?


For now, see the README in the root of this project. In short: neofetch is crazy extensible since the config is just a shell script (don't tell the feds). I have added some fun extensions into neofetch that help or used to help me with stuff. Feel free to steal them.


The wallpaper manager for X11. Don't really use anymore but it may as well stay here. Basically just sets my darkened Mojave as the wallpaper and leaves it at that.


Moved to another repository on GitHub. See root readme.


Contains my powershell profile. Powershell is awesome. Like, it's the best possible language that's not lisp. Wait, that statement is inane. Well, so is everything else I do so who cares.


Python window manager, which can launch a wayland session but not help you work on improving it since all the guides assume X11. I don't really use it and I might delete the folder here because it makes me look like I write python. I don't, I write shell and powershell and lisp. But never python unless that's Just What You Do.


Python browser. Actually pretty nice when it's not crashing, freezing, or just not listening. To be fair, that stuff is uncommon. But it's common enough that I just don't bother and use brave instead.


A MacOS hotkey daemon. Able to do lots of things… except it needs to inject a binary that's not available for ARM. And I got scammed out of my Intel MacBook ages ago…


The only Wayland window manager that both works and can be customized. Pretty great that it exists, though you can't open a new window on the left for some reason. You have to open it on the right and switch it until it's on the far left. I think that's dumb. That said, everything else about sway is excellent.


Terminal multiplexer and session manager. This config file just disables the green line at the bottom. I've tried to do other things with it, but they never seem to work quite right so I've basically given up. It's great at doing what it's for, though. Stick with that, and tmux is the best.


Broken. Doesn't work. Always gets reset by stupid baka XDG. Needs to mkdir -p but doesn't so we end up with doubled dirs and the good ones never get used.


The bar I use on sway. Not completely ideal, but still very cool. (this config was minified to remove JSON and CSS from the github language tracker which is also used by gitea.)


Auto-generated configs which you can hand-edit if you want. XFCE is unique and kind of good. It's missing some smoothness that gnome has, but the panels are to die for. I wish they worked on wayland. The rest of XFCE can go, just let me keep the panels!


The X Keyboard extension. These files in particular just define a rule for turning capslock into Escape and Super simultaneously. My gnome settings (see above) apply this, but for some reason it doesn't take effect on X11 systems. Like, it says it did it, but capslock still turns on the light and makes me scream.


Window manager in Haskell. Good but not using it right now because lazy.


MacOS window manager similar to BSPWM. uses skhd (see above) for keybindings. Also can't use it because requires x86 for no reason.


There's a whole file. Read it.